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SEO web marketing in France

  • Only 2/3 of French internet users made a purchase online in 2016
  • However, the e-commerce industry last year had a sales growth of 17%
  • There are 64 million people in France
  • 86% are internet users

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Keyword research and SEO copy-writing in France

Like every viable long term project, good research is necessary and it will be conducted to find the right main keyword as well as related keywords. While it is necessary to optimise the meta title, description and H1 tag, French people often uses search phrases that do not sound natural in a normal phrase. To encourage a natural flow of reading, we will not just write the keywords how they are searched but how native people will read them.

As on all 5 continents, there’s more to writing for the web than delivering flawless translations. The most effective keyword research and the most appealing online content needs a special touch that only a French native copywriter who is totally immersed in his own culture can provide.

White hat seo in France

In France, like in many European countries, SEO is quite white hat : “Content is king and distribution is queen”.

Google’s strategy to improve their algorithm over the years in order to promote original and unique content has worked particularly well in France. As a consequence, many French SEO experts have almost completely turned to content marketing strategies in order to grow their traffic. With the abundance of websites, every page should be of value or it does not have its place on the internet.

Linkbuilding in France

There is plenty of choice for link-building ideas: submission-based, content-based, link attraction, helping webmasters, social, create useful things, paid strategies, educational links, community tactics, leverage existing opportunities, events, gifts, traffic drivers, community projects, local, linking out and miscellaneous.

Link-building is not a sprint , it is a marathon.

Search Engines

Like anywhere in Europe, Google is the most popular search engine by far according to Statcounter.


France Desktop Smartphone Tablet
Google 90.8% 97.6% 95.2%
Bing 5.5% 0.4% 2.0%
Yahoo! 2.9% 1.6% 2.22%

Seo in France on mobile phone

To be present on mobile is very important in France. 71% of the French internet users aged more than 15+ have a smartphone. The average time per day spend on a mobile phone is 2h27 min. The peak time for mobile phone use is between 17 and 21h. Users tend to scroll the pages 1.6x faster than a computer or a tablet. 83% of the top 30 retailers in France have developed an app.

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French language

French is spoken in every 5 continents! The French speaking population throughout the world is growing mainly thanks to French African speaking countries. At the moment there are around 435 millions French speakers in the world and French is the official language in 29 independent nations. In Europe, the main areas where French is spoken are France 66M, then Belgium (Wallonia 3,6M) and Switzerland (Romandy 2M). In northern America, Canada, there are also more than 7 million french speaking Canadians.

Like other international languages, there are regional differences for words used in different french speaking countries. Even within the same country, it is possible to have two translations for the same word like “pain au chocolat” & “chocolatine” if you live in the north or south of France. It affects the choice of the best keyword. For that matter, 0ptim1ze uses different local copywriters according to the market you are targeting.

Fun example of why you need a copywriter in the right country:


English Swab
French (France) Serpillière
French (Canada) Moppe
French (Belgium) Torchon
French (Switzerland) Panosse

Social media in France

Social media in France is huge. Facebook is still a really dominant platform in terms of users. The top 5 industries on Facebook are fmcg food, e-commerce, fashion, retail and beauty.


Most used social media platform:


  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn


According to your company profile, there are different social media platforms to use. The important idea is to develop a strategy according to your needs: reach out to influencers, connect with a specific audience.

There’s no SEO like local SEO

At Optimize we work for international brands on a daily basis. The more we know about targeted SEO for local markets, the more we realize that you can never beat local experts. That’s why we make use of them. In 28 countries on five continents we work closely together with local partners. Professionals who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of their home market.

Our combined expertise stands for effective en trouble-free global internet marketing: local SEO anywhere on this planet, available round the corner.

A sample of local SEO Expertise

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