Online Marketing: Social media

Link building has given way to authority building and social media play an important role in this. Within our ACCD method, social media is indispensable in informing successful online marketing. They set the stage for the interaction with our ambassadors. Social media also have an increasingly direct impact on SEO results.

Social media marketing starts with drawing up a strategy. Where does our audience hang out and where do we need to place the emphasis? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+? How do we integrate our efforts on the various social media platforms so that they reinforce each other? What are our long-term goals and what advertising opportunities could we eventually use?

As far as our vision on social media marketing and the results we achieve for our customers are concerned, we would love to expand at length, but the core can be summarized in the following quote, which we use for inspiration: “You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.

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