Online Marketing: SEO

The aim of SEO is a structural improvement in the visibility of your website in organic search results.
To achieve this, we use a combination of strategy and tactics. Long-term objectives and daily tasks: monitor, interpret data, resolve bottlenecks, seize opportunities …

SEO rests on three pillars:

  • Content
  • Technical SEO
  • Popularity

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To achieve above average results, you have to score above average in each of these areas. This not only requires a comprehensive approach, but also a regular refreshing of this approach. Search engine optimization requires a customization. For us it starts with a scan of the website. The result can serve as the first step towards developing an integrated online marketing strategy or towards better cooperation between different areas.

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SEO success requires more than a thorough knowledge of search engine optimization. SEO should be a way of thinking and working, a culture within the company. Such a culture builds and maintains a continuous process of knowledge development and motivation for all concerned.

That’s why we like to work closely with our customers’ teams. Thanks to our own background as in-house marketers, we understand the inner workings of a company, what the problems are and how they can be solved. We are fully transparent in our collaboration with our clients.

We bring our knowledge without holding anything back, knowing that there are always new things to learn and that SEO success is above all the result of teamwork.

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