Online Marketing: Conversion optimization

Getting more visitors is nice, but it’s really about increasing the rate of conversion to purchase. Therefore, we see conversion optimization as one of our most important services.

Each element on the page plays a role, influencing the user in a positive or negative way. In this discipline we are at the crossroads of user interface and human psychology. In a particular situation, a single additional block of text may be enough to build visitor trust and move them to the next step faster. In a slightly different situation that same block of text may be a distraction, causing potential customers to drop out at a crucial moment. A sales pitch might get you 10 clicks, but with a different call to action it might become 65 clicks. This is how it really works sometimes.

Optimized landing pages that quickly move the visitor from welcome to action, seductive CTAs and the use of online persuasion techniques – these are things in which we specialise at 0ptim1ze. Data from web analytics and user feedback serves as a starting point. We then use testing to measure the results of improvements and changes. In this way we can, for example, use hard data to demonstrate why one layout is better than another.

Google Analytics and various other sources provide a wealth of information about the performance of your website. At least if you ask the right questions and draw the right conclusions. We ensure the proper implementation of your web analytics. We know how to interpret data and how to use this information to improve your website’s performance through specific adaptations.

By recording the actions of your visitors, we get a better picture of how they interact with your site and where their pain points are. By using heat maps we can tell where the visitors focus their attention on and what they simply overlook. Do they click immediately on that Order button or do they first search for more information? Using a wide range of tools we can get under the visitor’s skin, for whom all the improvements are ultimately intended.

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