Online Marketing: Content

Content plays an irreplaceable role in the ACCD cycle (Attract > Convert > Close > Delight). In the various stages your client is interested in different things. Effective content satisfies these interests. With each piece of content you should have a specific goal in mind, which determines the form and content.

Engaging content is an increasingly important ingredient to grow organic findability. This results in the production of more and more content, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Content for the sake of content is useless for SEO.

Content Strategy

A good content strategy reflects your core values. In order to find content that best suits you, you should ask yourself:

  • How do we want to distinguish ourselves from our closest competitors? What is our ‘tone of voice’? How do we want the market to think and share about us?
  • Who are our target groups? Do we know them from the outside and the inside?
  • In which parts of the market do we want to claim special expertise?

Content is a long-term strategy. You not only need quality articles, videos or infographics; you also need a good plan, covering topics, frequency and other matters such as the use of social media.

At Optimize we provide the content for a number of international customers. We have built a network of copywriters and translators who consistently provide quality and creativity across range of languages.

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