Mobile website: MENU button scores 20% better than Hamburger!

Davide August 3, 2016
#Mobile #website menu: #Hamburger is unhealthy as revealed by tests.
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There is plenty of space for a website menu on a computer screen, but the same is not true for a smartphone. To see the menu, you have to click on something. And that ‘something’ is often the well-known icon with its 3 horizontal stripes, the ‘triple-bar’, otherwise known as the Hamburger.

Do mobile users know what the Hamburger is? Does it work? Not as it should, as revealed by this and a large number of other tests. Two reasons come to mind: either because many users are unfamiliar with the specific meaning of this symbol on a mobile device, or because it doesn’t draw enough attention.

The Hamburger button on mobile
A classic menu button

Is there a good alternative?

In AB tests, the click results of the Hamburger were compared to other alternatives. The above test revealed that a button with the word MENU fared much better: a 20% increase in clicks by unique visitors. This is not an isolated result, other tests yield similar outcomes.

The simple conclusion:

For mobile applications, use a MENU button instead of the Hamburger and you get more clicks.