4 Free Tools Every SEO Should Know

Justine Wouters February 1, 2021

4 Free Tools Every SEO Should Know

One of the greatest attractions of SEO is that it’s free. You get free traffic brought to your site through organic searches, translating into real results.

Except if you’re an SEO expert, you know it’s more like “free”. Technically you don’t have to pay for SEO, but by the same token, SEO is a full-blown industry, and if you’re not investing in your SEO efforts, you won’t get visitors falling out of the sky.

Still, for some businesses, such as small businesses with limited resources, the difference between “free” and actually free is the difference between a usable resource and a financial drain. So here are 4 free tools that every SEO should know if you plan to steer your site toward success.

Google Search Console

When you’re looking for a free SEO tool, why not start with the one tool to rule them all? After all, Google occupies 87.5% of the search engine market share.

So if you’re an SEO concerned with ranking on Google (hint: you should be), your first stop is Google Search Console.

This is a fantastic all-around technical tool to gain insights into your site’s performance. You can do almost everything with Google Search Console–identify crawling issues, understand your site’s performance, get insights into backlinks, and so much more. If you have one free tool in your kit, this is the one to start with.

Answer The Public

Most SEO tools get their data from Google Keyword Planner. Answer The Public takes a different approach.

Instead, it pulls its data from the questions people ask on blogs, forums, social media, and Google’s auto-complete function. It then uses those questions to generate keywords–a smart tactic, considering how often searchers type questions into a search engine bar.

One of its best features is the “Vs. Keywords” feature, which gives you keywords based on “X vs. Y” keyword searches (you’d be amazed how many people do these kinds of searches).

Plus, it has a certain rebel vibe to it that feels a bit like Cards Against Humanity distilled into a website. What’s not to love?


Like Google Search Console, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention SEMRush in the list of top free tools. It’s another comprehensive tool that gives you a little bit of everything to maximize your SEO mileage, and while there are paid options, you can cover a lot of ground with the free version.

You can perform up to 10 searches a day in the Keyword Analytics and Domain Analytics databases (a useful feature considering that many free keyword tools limit you to 10 searches per month). You also get access to the Keyword Magic tool (trust us, it’s real magic). Oh, and you can crawl up to 100 pages of your site with the Site Audit tool.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

But if you’re looking for a free crawler, one of the best on the market is Screaming Frog Spider SEO.

Seriously, you can crawl up to 500 URLs with a free account. How many free tools offer that? Hint: not many.

Plus, unlike many similar crawlers, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a desktop-based tool for finding and auditing technical SEO issues. Better still, you can easily export your findings to a spreadsheet to share SEO recommendations with your team.

Ready to Optimize Your SEO?

Are you ready to optimize your SEO? These free tools are just one small part of the equation to help you get started.

For everything that comes after, we’re here to help, with expert online marketing designed to transform your site from attracting to delight. Let’s take a smarter approach to SEO. Click here to get started.

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