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The company

0ptim1ze employs specialists in all areas of the online marketing mix: SEO / SEM, SEA, CRO, content marketing, brand strategy and email marketing. What’s more, they work together. With impressive results.

About us

We started 0ptim1ze in January 2013. We, that is, Sven van den Broek and Thierry De Marre, have 25 years of experience in Internet marketing. Our background in business colors the way we work. We like to immerse ourselves in our client’s culture and see close collaboration with client teams as the basis for ongoing good results.


We work for large and small clients. Across the most diverse industries. A feature that a lot of our clients have in common is that they are active in several countries. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in tailoring online marketing strategies and tactics in different cultures.


Our people

  • Thierry De Marre

    Thierry De Marre

    Co-founder, SEO & Marketing Strategies

    When Thierry began as a SEO specialist in 2001, the discipline was still in its infancy. His versatile in-company experience has given him a professional interest in promoting an online culture within organizations and he spends a lot of time coaching client teams. He founded 0ptim1ze with Sven van den Broek in 2013.
    Thierry’s motto in a nutshell: ‘Live each day as the last … and the first’.

  • Sven Van Den Broek

    Sven Van Den Broek

    Co-founder, SEO specialist

    Sven is originally a software developer. In this capacity he has worked for large and small enterprises and gained extensive experience in managing projects. For Sven the mix of hard data and creativity is the great attraction of Internet marketing.
    Sven’s motto in a nutshell: ‘A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.


  • Davide Bellone

    Davide Bellone

    SEO Analyst

    Davide is a pianist and a computer geek. He has been part of the 0ptim1ze team from the beginning. He focuses on keyword research and workflow control, among other things. His sharp analysis is important to the SEO value of our content.
    Davide’s view of life in a nutshell: ‘Just as a musical masterpiece is a clever combination of only seven notes, the perfect job needs no more than organization and harmonious cooperation.

  • Rob Verschuren

    Rob Verschuren

    Editor in Chief

    Rob has written for some illustrious brands in his career as a copywriter: WWF, Mercedes, Apple, ING, Danone, to mention a few. His work has been awarded several times. Rob has been editor-in-chief at 0ptim1ze since 2013, where he focuses on content and brand strategy, and keeps contact with an army of translators and foreign copywriters. He has lived in Vietnam for many years.
    Rob’s view of life in a nutshell: ‘Keep it simple.

Why 0ptimize?

We combine the advantages of a consulting firm with the experience of an in-house online marketing specialist.

  • Team of specialists of all areas of online marketing
  • Broad perspective based on strong experience in range of sectors
  • Unique way of working, where we act as a desired in-house marketing team

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